A potential Revueltosaurus-eg animal can be found regarding the Wolfville Creation (Carnian; Sues & Olsen, 2015 ) from Nova Scotia

six.2.3 Most other Revueltosaurus-like taxa

To start with labeled an enthusiastic ornithischian dinosaur (Galton, 1983 ), Irmis, Parker, et al. ( 2007 ) argued one to NSM 004 Girlfriend , a good posterior portion of a remaining maxilla with a lot of a beneficial tooth within the an enthusiastic alveolus, offers a number of reputation states which have R. callenderi in dental care and maxillary morphology as well as a strong ridge across the ventral margin of antorbital fossa, the brand new better-establish buccal emargination of one’s tooth row in the ventral evaluate, and you may a denticled tooth crown lacking a great basal asymmetrical lump (Irmis, Parker, ainsi que al., 2007 ). A keen ilium regarding the Wolfville Creation (NSM 012 Girlfriend ) is very like Roentgen. callenderi when you look at the having an prior procedure of the latest iliac blade one to will not increase anteriorly outside the prior the amount of the pubic peduncle features an over-all, rounded dorsal margin for the iliac knife. That it function and supporting the current presence of a good Revueltosaurus-instance taxon on creation (Sues & Olsen, 2015 ).

six.step three Biostratigraphic incidents and ramifications

Roentgen. callenderi only has become registered regarding two portion, the type locality regarding Bull Canyon Formation (Dockum Category) away from east The fresh new Mexico (Look, 1989 ; Look et al., 2005 ) and the Chinle Development at Petrified Tree National Park (Padian, 1990 ; Beuhler ainsi que al., 2001 ; Parker mais aussi al., 2005 ; Atchley et al., 2013 ; Contour 1b). During the second location, ahead of in search of voucher specimens of one’s taxon from the best Bluish Mesa User and middle Sonsela Affiliate, R. callenderi are said to take place in a restricted stratigraphic variety inside the the reduced-center Petrified Tree Member (Beuhler mais aussi al., 2001 ; Take a look, 2001 ; Parker & ) argued you to definitely Roentgen. callenderi are from biochronological electric. Both in the Mexican style of area and you may Coated Wilderness localities within the northern PEFO, R. callenderi cooccurs on the aetosaur T. coccinarum and you can mystriosuchine (= pseudopalatine) leptosuchomorph phytosaurs, taxa that happen to be put as the index taxa to your Revueltian holochronozone (Lucas & Hunt, 1993 ; ) debated one due to the fact within PEFO R. callenderi are receive only into the a certain facies (bluish paleosols) at just one stratigraphic top (just over the Painted Wilderness step 3 Sandstone), that these occurrences don’t show the actual stratigraphic list of the newest taxon and you will instead reflected a maintenance bias. Subsequent discoveries off R. callenderi issue in the Owl Material Member (Gordon ainsi que al., 2020 ; Whatley ainsi que al., 2013 ) and you can Sonsela Affiliate (Atchley et al., 2013 ) helps that it theory, that the latest specimens show that about on PEFO, new stratigraphic listing of Roentgen. callenderi expands towards the underlying Adamanian holochronozone. The absence of Roentgen. callenderi at the other penecontemporaneous web sites regarding the American Southwest was puzzling, eg provided how numerous it’s on websites where it occurs. Such as for instance, brand new vertebrate assemblage of Petrified Tree User at Ghost Farm into the northern The latest Mexico was geographically advanced within style of locality from Roentgen. callenderi and PEFO, shares new presence many Revueltian index taxa (Irmis, Nesbitt, et al., 2007 ; Whiteside ainsi que al., 2015 ), features accurate many years constraints that demonstrate it overlaps after a while with the lower https://datingranking.net/tr/adam4adam-inceleme/ Petrified Tree Member at PEFO (Irmis et al., 2011 ; Rasmussen et al., 2020 ). There is absolutely no noticeable taphonomic reasons why which well-sampled and you can varied assemblage must not preserve Revueltosaurus, as it contains sets from small-bodied drepanosaurs to help you large-bodied phytosaurs and you will aetosaurs. Furthermore, it is interested that R. callenderi wasn’t available at most other Bull Canyon Formation internet or in similar strata inside the western Tx (elizabeth.grams., Lehman & Chatterjee, 2005 ; ).