The newest self-proclaimed arc-opponent from Soma, Takumi is the most Soma’s chief opposition into the Totsuki Culinary Academy

Ikumi’s attitude to have Soma remains the exact same their 2nd seasons, while the she says the woman annoyance in the attract she will get away from most other guys and just wishes the interest of one’s one to boy the woman is looking for; Soma.

Takumi Aldini

Such as Soma, Takumi’s stature originates from a family group cafe as opposed to a world class organization. Each other Soma and you will Takumi express a common thread out of satisfaction to possess their family dinner and their ingenuity to make a different dish you to makes the group more substantial impression. The two fulfilled each other officially when you look at the first day regarding the latest Totsuki Relationship and you may Connection Education in which Takumi confronted Soma to help you a chef from. Even in the event Takumi’s dish performed spectacularly, Soma’s unsuspected innovation contributed to a zero event disease you to kept both perception bitter towards effects.

Since then, both have become much friendlier than just their basic come upon, however the competition is generally one-sided having Takumi are a lot more hot regarding it while Soma food him similar to a pal otherwise an excellent sidekick than simply a rival. Takumi vows become the first rival so you can defeat Soma and you can possess track of each of Soma’s procedures including their Unofficial Shokugeki against Shinomiya along with his 11th hours 2 hundred egg issue. When you look at the Chief Event of your 43rd Trip Election, Takumi received his first chance to enjoys a proper preparing duel that have an obvious winner, however, their potential had been removed by the Subaru Mimasaka in addition to their prized Mezzaluna. Whenever Subaru insulted Takumi, Soma calmly defended Takumi and decided to reclaim Takumi’s Mezzaluna having him and you will was successful. Although not Takumi chooses to victory the newest Mezzaluna afterwards alternatively than just provides Soma hand it returning to your. Takumi along with generally seems to believe Soma, to the level knowing the Mezzaluna will continue to be when you look at the good hands and this Soma won’t remove it afterwards to another cook. He decided to let Soma and you will Megumi during the Moon Meal Event by getting ready the newest Curry Mapo Noodles.

A flowing gag is the fact Takumi perform always scold Soma to have their bad choices because a cook(such as for example oversleeping). Some other running fun would be the fact Takumi would score with ease turned-on up to Soma or and if the guy hears on what he is carrying out and regularly situations where the guy defectively attempts to behave like a cool and you can everyday rival, the guy will get interrupted by the people or something like that, or Soma only disregarding their taunts otherwise challenges or barely seeing his visibility which will send Takumi in the throes out of anger and you may embarrassment. No matter if, Takumi doesn’t scold Soma to own doing something he understands he would have inked also when the he was in the same disease.

Takumi and Soma has confronted both to Shokugeki’s and therefore lead within the wins and you may losings towards the both parties which have allege of Mezzaluna as their merely stipulation. If you find yourself its rivalry is actually strong, Takumi takes on he might hardly ever really “defeat” Soma since their fits looked alternatively useless and their constant demands. It was immediately after shedding one to Takumi considered that he and Soma are chefs who can work together as the a group better than due to the fact competitors. The two seemed to are suffering from a beneficial brotherly thread in their Shokugeki up against Calma as they was able to make use of the Mezzaluna together just like how Takumi really does so which have Isami.

Isami Aldini

Twin brother regarding Takumi, Isami is shorter aggressive toward Soma versus his sibling. The guy have mainly chuckling at the their brother’s worst tries to intimidate Soma, which leads to an excellent comedic styles. This is not recognized how he truly feels on Soma, but he or she is willing to assist their aunt in his fights facing Soma. In identical go out although not, Isami in addition to befriends with your when he notices Soma because Takumi’s buddy on academy.